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We live and breathe service but not just any service, an offering that out spells the very definition of perfection. Those that meet our standard therefore undergo a stringent training regime designed for the brave at heart and keen eye.

It has been by way of our acute training programs and dedicated management teams that we have broken the traditional barriers of the service industry and charted for a higher level of duty.


Why you’ll love working at Nassau Flight Services

  • We are a dedicated family of service professionals whose core values include:
  • The treatment of every failure as a learning opportunity.
  • Bringing a level of simplicity to all things complex.
  • Fertilizing innovation through customer listening.
  • Intrinsically motivated self-starters.
  • Lifting bars of excellence within the industry.


Nassau Flight Services is a leader in the provision of a full fleet of service personnel within our 35 ft airport complex. We host an impressive roster of service offerings with an intercompany promotion commitment before exploring external options.

Our staff all come face to face with and cater to the celebrities of the world. We provide extensive training regimes to all staff thereby increasing their market potential and industry knowledge. A position with NFS provides a bountiful benefit packet and property perks that are not advanced to the general public.



NFS Bahamas

Your local aerodrome service platform, where we provide all of the infinite needs during your commute. We deliver the friendly disposition of our Bahamian way, to a world of travelers.


Nassau Flight Services Ltd. aims to provide superior, reliable, cost efficient Ground Handling & Airport Management services, while maintaining a global leadership position in aviation services.


Main Office:
Monday – Friday
9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Cargo Department:
Monday – Friday
10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Head Office

Tel: 1-(242) 702-7308
Fax: (242) 702-7392
P.O. Box AP-59203
Nassau, Bahamas

Email: info@Nfsbahamas.com