Cargo & Storage

Nassau Flight Services Cargo Division has been providing extraordinary Cargo Services to all its customers for more than 40 years. The cargo arm of NFS is set up to allow global, regional and local representation at both sales and operational levels of all our Cargo Airline Carriers

In today’s ever changing landscape our purpose is to equip our customers with a real business advantage, providing every customer with the focus and flexibility they need to do business today and tomorrow.

At the heart of the Nassau Flight Services’ Cargo Division is the desire to help our customers at every stage. Whether it’s building their businesses across the world, or simply shipping your personal effects to anywhere to any of the many destinations covered by our impressive list of World Renowned Airline Carriers.
Our Cargo Division is focused on making our customers’ lives easier via acting as the single point of contact for connecting our customers to our impressive list of World Renowned Airline Carriers to transport their Cargo.  NFS Cargo is designed to deliver a seamless sales and customer service experience.

NFS Cargo Services

  • Sole Authorized Cargo Handlers of British Airways, US Airways, Caribbean Airlines,
    JetBlue Airways, Air Canada Airlines & more to come.
  • Freight Handling
  • Live Animal Handling & Shipping
  • Mail Handling
  • Sales and representations
  • Courier Consolidation
  • Courier Equipment Rentals (trolleys, Forklifts, etc)
Cargo Manager Contacts