About Us

Nassau Flight Services Limited (NFS) is a wholly owned Government Limited Company controlled by a Chairman and a Board of Directors, who are appointed annually by Cabinet.

Well Established Business
Nassau Flight Services Limited (NFS) is a mature venture operating since 1957 and It is well known in the Airline Industry.

Experienced Staff
The majority of the senior staff with the organization has been continuously in the ground handling or airline industry for more than twenty (20) years. They have all benefited from the training from the various airlines with regard to their standard of services.

Owns All the Major Capital Equipment
The company has equipment to handle every type of aircraft operating in commercial aviation today.

An Enterprising Management & Board
The current Board and Management are anxious to expand the business of Nassau Flight Services Limited (NFS) to eventually become a regional ground handler. While the company is Government owned, it has operated for over ten (10) years as if it were a normal business.

Good Customer Satisfaction Record
The company has enjoyed positive feedback from clients who have expressed satisfaction with NFS services. To ensure we provide consistently good service we have introduced the Account Executive type management of each scheduled airline contract.


Executive Management Team
Under the leadership of Ricardo P. E. Rolle, the company's General Manager, Nassau Flight Services is making tremendous strides and growing and expanding its leadership position in the aviation industry. The executive team is responsible for the daily management and operations of Nassau Flight Services and report to the Board of Directors for its performance... Read More